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2019 Kayo Sports - Miniature Painting

2019 The A- Beauty Box - GoTo, Sand and Sky, Frank Body- Prop Design and Fabrication.

2019 Bergman and Co. Prop Design and Fabrication

2019 By All Means Agency - Prop Design and Fabrication.

2018- 2019     Base 3D Architectural Model restoration.

2016 - 2018   R.M.I.T School of Architecture and Design. Sessional Lecturer

2018               R.M.I.T. School of Design, College of Design and  social context, guest sessional Lecturer.

2018               Porsche Australia. Freelance Prop and Model Maker.

2018 “Passenger”. Prop maker for a VR Stop motion Animation by Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine.

2108               QV Melbourne Prop Maker for various campaigns.

2017                Porsche Australia. Freelance Prop and Model Maker.

2017                The Australian Dairy Corporation. Prop Maker.

2016                Artem Group. Graphic Design, business card.

2016                Artem Group. Freelance Website designer including logo design and illustration.

2016                IKD. Freelance Website designer including logo design and illustration.

2016                Public Art Melbourne Biennial Lab."Out in the Open." Miniature set builder.

2014 - 2016     The Assembly Rooms. Director and Co-founder, project manager and teacher.

2015                Cumulus Inc. Illustration.

2013 - 2014     The Academy of Gentle Arts. School of art and science for 1-5 year olds. Founder, teacher, illustrator.

2014                ACMI "Dreamworks." Prop and Model Maker.

2014                Qube Construct. "Skills Victoria". Model Maker.

2011                 Alphabet. Illustrated ABC book for children.

2011                 The Commonwealth Bank. TVC, Director Jean  Pierre Jeanet. Character design, prop making.

2009                Miramax " Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark." Art Department Assistant.

2009                NGV. Dali, "Liquid Desire." Video Editor.

2009                Melbourne Museum "Darwin". Model maker

2009                Goodoil Films "Visa Go." 5 x TVC's. Prop Maker.

2009                Exit Films"Pedigree." TVC, Prop maker.

2009                Mojo Publishing 'Skinny Cow." TVC Prop Maker

2008                Swinburne University.  Teacher of 2D animation and Illustration.

2008                SBS and Beat Productions. "King Penguin" Model maker and Animator.

2008                Augie March "Lupus." Music Video, Co Director, Co Producer.

2008                Holly Throsby "The Time It Takes." Music Video, Producer.

2008                The Temper Trap. "Sweet Disposition." Music Video, Director, Art Director.

2008                The Getaway Plan. "Shadows." Art Director.

2006 - 2008    HBO "The Pacific." Art Department Model Maker.

2006                The History Channel The New York Historical Society, "New York Divided".  Animator.

2005                The Alkaline Trio "Mercy Me."  Music Video. Animator.

2003 - 2004     SBS "World Tales". Animator.