Madeleine Griffith is a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in sculpture and a Media Arts Degree from R.M.I.T. She has a strong interest in philosophy and science based inquiry, producing an illustrated book to assist in children’s literacy and a 'Species Guide' to clouds types.

With over a decade of experience in prop and model making her work has been featured in Australia and overseas. She specialises in solving three-dimensional problems in experimental ways.

Her clients include A.C.M.I, The Melbourne Museum, The ABC, SBS, The Commonwealth Bank and Visa. For over two years she was the Art Department Model Maker for HBO’S Emmy award winning production, “The Pacific.” She was recently commissioned by Porsche Australia to make a Porsche out of gingerbread for their Christmas campaign.

Madeleine has exhibited in various galleries. She is currently in her fourth year illustrating a non-sequitur comic book which is published daily online. Each year she produces a hard copy Annual selected from the 1825 images from the year and exhibits the drawings and book.

She was commissioned by SBS to create a short animated film and has receive a special skills visa to work in The United States as an animator, creating work for MTV, The New York Historical Society and The History Channel.