Madeleine's models have been used on T.V and in film, museums and art exhibition. She has worked in collaboration with art directors and production designers to create working models of sets to be built life-size, examples to assist 3D renders and stand-alone props.

For over two years Madeleine was the Art Department model maker on the HBO production 'The Pacific.' Her models were used to plan and design the sets. Hundreds of different models were made to all scales. Detailed white card models of all the sets as well as multimedia models that could be pulled apart and viewed internally.

She has been commissioned to create sculptural interpretations of Darwin's Origin of Species for the Melbourne Museum, a large paper city, and a boulder with googly eyes.

Porsche - Christmas is coming Fast.

Constructed a Gingerbread Porsche, Gingerbread Logo, Trees and Lights for The Porsche Australia Christmas Catalogue.

DBB Melbourne. Coco Productions. Photography Stuart Crosett.

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Melbourne Museum - Darwin

Commissioned by the Melbourne Museum to create a paper sculpture to commemorate the centenary of Darwin's 'The Origin Of Species'

Skills Victoria - TVC

Created a large paper model to be used as a free standing sculpture and to assist animators to create a 3D model for a TVC for the Victorian Government.

"The Pacific" - HBO

Art Department Model Maker on the HBO production 'The Pacific.'

Created hundreds of models in various scales and mediums which were used to create life sized sets.

MINIATURE MODELS                                LIFE SIZED SETS

Models for Set Design