lunch lady bagels

I have written about Kate Berry and her photography before but I just have to say the baking and cooking side of her is pretty terrific as well. 
She has a new website called Lunch lady and as always her photographs are gorgeous but so are the recipes.
I have made her Rhubarb cake once to take to a friends house and it was delicious.
Anyhow, I have always had a fear of bread making. My mother was extremely handy and good at most things. She could upholster a chair, make a quilt, build a table, sew a ball dress, grow a garden, write a thesis in French, raise four children and was a truly excellent, intuitive cook. She did however make the most god awful bread. I always figured if she couldn't do it it must be very difficult.
My best friend and I were talking about it recently and she said I should give it a try. So today we followed Kate Berry's bagel making instructions and made honestly the best bagel I have ever tasted. You should have a go it is really fun.