total eclipse

photo by Phil Hart

My Dad loves equinoxes, solstices and any type of eclipse. I vividly remember a total eclipse of the sun when I was a tiny child and how our chickens woke up, scratched around, and when the sky went dark an hour or so later, they just went back to the roost and fell asleep even though they had just awoken.
 Night after night we got out of bed into the frosty air and drove to the top of the nearest hill to see the grainy smudge of Halley's comet. Finally realising the view was just as good from the driveway.
Anyway tonight there will be another total eclipse of the moon and I am trying to decide if it is worth keeping my boys up for an extra hour or two to show them or not.
 It looks pretty spectacular maybe it would be worth it. You can get some cold hard stats here.