Vashti Bunyan

I really like folk music and not in an ironic way at all. I love lyrics and any sort of story telling and folk music has that in spades.
In the second house we lived in my sister and I used to pull chairs up to the turntable and watch the Peter Paul and Mary record spin and get swept away in all those lyrical adventures. I remember the square erasers my Dad had put under each foot of the player to act as shock absorbers and how I liked to pick little holes in them and wonder how long it would be until they no longer shock absorbed.
And now I wonder how thirty years later I have only just found The Train Song by Vashdi Bunyan.
I love that she made an album and it didn't do what she hoped so she stopped making music and thirty years later it is a cult classic and she reformed a band.
Ah there is hope yet.
And you too can have it in your life for only 99c which seems ridiculous.
If this is your cup of tea have a little look around for her contemporary Karen Dalton and the contemporary Josephine Foster they are also pretty gorgeous.