isobel knowles

In the distant past, when I was a complete luddite and decided a degree in digital fine art was the thing for me, it turned out I hadn't thought a few things through.
Somehow I had completely missed the computer revolution and entered the university not even knowing where the on button was on the computer. Seriously. Lucky for me I quickly made friends with a young woman who was very gifted with computers and also animation. She quietly got me up to speed and opened up the world of technology. All these years later Isobel Knowles is still cranking out amazing work. Here is her latest video for Sally Seltmann, for the song "Catch of the Day"...just beautiful.

I always loved this animation of hers from way back from 2001 called At Play Time

and while I was looking through her archive I saw this little one which I may or may not have been a character reference for.... I know, if only I looked that good!

Isobel often collaborates with all sorts of other clever people and here is a beautiful children's book, Owl Know How she made with Cat Rabbit. You can find it here