circus cake and tigers

My son turned four yesterday which was super exciting.He was so looking forward to it and kept pointing out things that had changed since he was three the night before. His voice for instance he told us was much different and the strange part is he really does seem older. We had a very fun circus party to celebrate. Originally I planned to maybe let this year slide without a party but he had other plans and they involved a three ringed circus. I bashed my way through the cake sculpture obstacle and managed to turn out this somewhat passable circus tent cake and my younger son just moved out of his cot so we held off packing it down and used as a tiger in a cage at the party. It was all very lovely and fun.

And now for our Art Class tomorrow!! We will be exploring colour theory in a round about way using three different activities which should be fun for even the youngest child, so if you are about come on by I did a trial run today and it all looked pretty smashing.