Ex Voto

When I was twenty one I moved to Mexico to nurse a broken heart and work as a nanny in an embassy there. It was a strange and wonderful time and I am still so in love with the country and hope to go back one day. As part of my research I have been looking at Ex voto painting, it is a style I find mesmerising and come back to every few years. The narrative elements and the open ended story telling especially with my rusty Spanish leave so many questions and sets my imagination going. I love the scope of the miracles, some are so pedestrian and some so wildly biblical and all equally worthy of a painting giving thanks that everything worked out ok this time around.

And here are a few more, oh my what happened here!

I love this divine intervention in the wrestling ring

and if my spanish is right this one is giving thanks for letting us have the opportunity of happiness together. Please correct me if I am wrong!