tiny house

I am a total sucker for anything tiny. I think it is my way of modifying my hoarding tendencies with out presenting as too much of a weirdo. You can collect a lot of tiny things before anyone seems to notice. When I was a child I had an wonderful dolls house with tiny books with paper pages that turned and tiny wax candles in candle holders. But my favourite thing was three tiny bricks about the size of sugar cubes that were made of real brick. I couldn't believe it real bricks but so so tiny.
Through a series of events I found work as a  model maker making miniature things for film productions, it was a perfect job for me and I still use those skills in things I do now.
Over the years I have dreamed of moving into two tiny houses I have seen in my neighbourhood, it seemed to make so much sense, like a free standing one bedroom apartment with a garden. At the moment I have a huge urge to move house, this one feels like it is falling down around us and I just want some element of change. Maybe this is the answer, part gypsy caravan part cosy house how great would it be or would you go bonkers?