game changer

first good photo in four years

Just before my first son was born I bought a new camera a Cannon G10. A few of my friends had them and found them to be fantastic but no such luck for me. It seemed as though the light meter was broken and the shutter speed. Every photo came out blurry and it was impossible to take any good indoor shot even in a bright room. Needless to say the babies arrived and I have millions of crappy blurry photos of them and all their milestones. I sent the camera off and got it fixed twice but each time it came back the same. Finally, almost four years later, this week I called the shop I bought it from to see if the warranty was still valid. Apparently if you return it for the golden third time you are entitled to a replacement camera. Alas the warranty had expired but by chance the woman on the phone said maybe try a faster memory card.....What? Why had no one had ever mentioned it before in all my countless attempts to get to the bottom of it no one told me and I feel like an idiot that I didn't know. Well I got the new card and last night took the best photo I have in years in low light, inside with my new ultra 10 speed memory card woo hooooo!!!

priceless moment of my two sons meeting 
each other for the first time, 
blurry as all get up damn it!!