Apple love

A strangely wonderful series of events unfolded last week which seems almost too impossible to be true. It involves computers and hard drives so tune out now if you like.
I have a back up hard drive plugged into my computer and it was tweaking out a bit so I reformatted it and saved everything again. The next morning my computer was acting strangely so I restarted it and nothing happened, just a blank blue screen staring at me. I lugged the thing out to the car and somehow managed to gauge a massive scratch into the screen on the way. Trying to be upbeat I convinced myself I could just not look at that part of the screen as I drove it to the Apple shop. The computer was out of warranty and out of Apple care extended warranty and the hard drive was broken and maybe every single photo of my children lost!! Yes all those blurry sentimental ones.
After some anxious pacing of the store and a bit of whispering behind the counter they told me that lucky for me the hard drive in my make and model was faulty and had been recalled but unlucky for me the recall had finished in April so I wasn't covered, but maybe I should call Apple and see if they would do anything. Anyhow long story short they fixed my computer, the manager at apple gave me a big apology for any inconvenience and an offer to help with any data loss, it was all free, yes free with a brand new hard drive no loss of data, as I had backed it up the day before purely by a stroke of luck, and the scratch on the screen turned out to be dried oats from the kids breakfast and washed off, can you believe it!!? I can't, these sorts of things don't happen to me at the moment.