Northcote Christmas lights

Last night I got my three year old out of bed and into the car gave him his first ever glow stick and drove him down the road to see the Northcote christmas lights. It was beyond amazing, he couldn't believe his eyes and neither could I.  You can walk around the front yard engulfed in flashing bulbs and inflatable nativity scenes.
Go, if you are anywhere nearby it is a sight to behold. On the way home he said, " If I see another school of fairy lights we should, stop the car undo our belts and run and see them." I asked why he called them a school of fairy lights and he said "that is what you call fishes."True enough. I didn't take my camera so here are some photos I found on The age web site. He went to sleep by the blue light of his glow stick two hours later than usual but it literally took his breath away.