Christmas decoration a-go-go

Pram tree

The finished product

Wintery snow dome 

Any sort of holding back that I managed to do at Halloween has gone out the window as Christmas approches. The other weekend it was in the high 30c and one of those days you have to shut the blinds when you get up and scurry around as much as you can before 10 am, and then spend the rest of the day hiding from the heat. We went to Gymnastics class and bounced on trampolines and balanced on the beam then we walked back home and the two boys and I went and bought a Christmas tree, tied it on to the pram and pushed it home. I had visions of it looking so  sweet I could take a picture and make it into a Christmas card but they screamed the whole way and once I finally wrestled the thing inside I was almost finished. Anyhow we recovered and spent the whole day decorating the tree and listening to a fantastic new Christmas mix from our friend. We made this sweet little snow dome with glitter and a bear, a wreath, and painted some clay doh decorations for the tree. It was really fun. I like the Australian mix of Northern winter/ Southern Summer that is Christmas here, it is funny explaining what snow is as the sun beats down outside.