Balloon pilot

I feel a bit torn in two about Christmas. Half of me wants to sit and make things with the children.Bake gingerbread and put tinsel everywhere but then I wonder how I ended up in Office works with two wiggling kids, almost crying, me not the children, as my fourth attempt to get Christmas cards printed bites the dust.
You win some you lose some and this morning we won big time as a gust of wind made five hot air balloons land at the end of our street. We went down in bare feet and pajamas and watched them land and be folded away. It was really beautiful, we got to touch one it felt like a giant jelly fish as it heaved around on the ground. I didn't take my camera but maybe that is nice.
I had a fleeting idea that maybe I should be a hot air balloon pilot until I over heard the handsome Italian balloonist say how he used to be a mountain climber and sailor. Maybe a bit much knot tying for me. Ill stick to tinsel wrangling for now.