Reasons to be Cheerful

I bought a new toolbox, well not a new one my first one. I love it. It is red and metal and has concertina hinges that open it out like a butterfly so you can see everything inside. I have a wonderful new job starting on Monday working on a film produced by Guillermo Del Toro who directed Pan’s Labyrinth, I am so excited and so is my toolbox which will come along and is filled with everything I think I will need including mini sachets of miso soup.

I have almost finished a new drawing for my alphabet book and am now up to the letter C for Crab. Still a while to go on that old project but I am loving it even if it is a slow process.

Today I also baked some passion fruit Melting Moment biscuits to take to my friend Dave’s tomorrow to thank him for passing his house on to us when he moves out in a month and we move in. I will have a shed and chickens and the new baby will have a bedroom and not have to live in the nook of the hallway like we were planning if we stayed in this cosy house.
Also my boyfriend gets home from Sydney tonight and he may have only been away one night but I am so glad he is coming home again.
Reasons to be cheerful indeed.