Good Wives and Warriors

Making web sites has always felt like a process cloaked in magic codes and secrecy to me. I attempted to teach myself how to do it several times only to get tangled at the start and give up again. I thought I should be able to do it, I have a handle on many other computer programs but it wasn’t to be, so lonely and website less I have never had much of an Internet presence… until now!! Last night my dear friend Becky came over and ate won tons with me, and chocolate, and within a couple of hours had laid out all the formulas in such an easy and understandable way that now I think I can do it. Becky and her friend have made their own site for their company Good Wives and Warriors and you can also see their beautiful illustrations and paintings there.
So over the next few weeks I am going to chip away and learn as much as I can and fingers crossed at the end will be a gleaming web site with my name on it. How exciting.