Band Aid for a Guilty Conscience

I have been having a terrible attack of the guilts and haven’t known how to remedy it until now which is why I have been a bit quiet on the old blogging front. I felt so bad for being excited about the extremely hot day only to find out later just how devastating it was. It made me feel strange about writing anything as my life is very insignificant compared to what else goes on in this world and putting up a recipe or nattering on about nothing seemed very pointless. Anyway after some navel gazing I think I have found a way of making myself feel a little better and hopefully doing a tiny bit to help out too. There is a new site on Etsy called Oz Bushfire Appeal and you can donate things to sell, or buy things to help raise money for the Red Cross. So far they have made over $15 000 which is pretty fantastic. I made a little toy to sell on it and will make some more soon. There is more bad weather predicted tomorrow which strong north winds so hopefully everything is ok. It really has been an unprecedented disaster but now its craft to the rescue.