Wolf Boy and The Red Velvet Curtains

I practiced by making my hand into a werewolf.

Our fantastically talented Wolf Boy in completed Make up.

Wolf Boy in his lair.

The Band Plays.

I have been co-producing and directing a new music video which we shot yesterday. It went really well and once again I am excited to see the final edit in a few weeks. There were two aspects to it a wild Wolf Boy and a Bar scene with the band playing. I did a crash course in special effects makeup and managed to turn an innocent twelve year old into a wild one. I have done a bit of make up before and successfully made a slit throat complete with pulsating arterial blood but this was a first try with tufts of fur. It was a great day, lots of work but exciting to see it all unfold in front of you. I will put up the completed video when it is done in mid January.