Hint #1 - If you Swallow a Pin.

My third grade teach Mrs Beamish once gave us a lecture on why you shouldn’t hold pins in your mouth. The lecture involved a diagram of a head and oesophagus with the heart placed at the base of the tube where perhaps the stomach should be. The pin would travel down your throat and stab you straight in the heart.
Here is a remedy I found in case you should swallow a pin. It is from a book called the Sunday companion dated August 18th 1894.

If You Swallow a Pin.

Drink one and a half grains of tartar emetic in a little water and immediately afterwards drink the whites of six eggs.

These two ingredients will coagulate upon the stomach, envelope the pin and bring them up.

There you go. Helpful hint Number One. I thought it best to put the most urgent first.